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Graphic Design History by Steven Heller’s SVA
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Masking in Illustrator
History of Typography

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NYU Basic Color Theory
The Seven Step Guide to Understanding color Theory
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Fair Use

Trial Fonts Discounted or Free for Educational Purposes
(DO NOT USE THESE FOR PROFIT!) (May not contain all necessary characters)

Dalton Maag; full character-set

DJR Type (email, free for students for school projects, discount on classroom licenses) |

Dunwich Type

Fatype; limited character-set

Grilli Type; limited character-set

Indian Type Foundry

James Todd Design; limited character-set

Klim Type Foundry (only for testing and mock-ups)

Lost Type Co-op: Personal non-commercial use license, pay-as-you-want, full char-set

Ludwig Type; limited character-set

Production Type; limited character-set

These typefaces from Storm Type (free for non-commercial desktop/print use)

Swiss Type Faces; limited character-set

Tiny Type Co; limited character-set

Typofonderie (10 typefaces)

Victoria Rushton; full character-set, upon request

These participating foundries on Fontspring ( see FAQ)